HGH Supplements Vs Injections

by admin on May 16, 2011

HGH Supplements Vs Injections

Nobody wants to grow old and is looking for methods to stay young. When they see about the helpfulness of HGH to stay young, the next thought is how to get them. They go to their favorite search engine and looks for the easiest way to procure it without even considering any side-effects or costs. In this section, we will be comparing the two most popular methods for HGH intake namely, Supplements and injections.

May be due to the popularity of this human growth hormone supplements, most people are under the wrong impression that these supplements are legal and safe. HGH supplements are those approved by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) for specific medical conditions are the only ones which are legal. They are available only by prescription and taken via injection by eligible healthcare practitioner.

Even without any conclusive evidence on whether these hormone supplements can help in preventing aging, a few people sometimes spend considerable amount of funds on it to find the fountain of youth. They claim increasing muscle, decreasing fat, boost individual’s energy and some sense of well being to get people to buy and use.

The fact that the injections produce faster results than the supplements (take up-to 3 months to show evident results) is the biggest benefit of taking injections as compared to supplements. A very important thing with the hormone injection is that the amount should be correct as the body wants. HGH overdose can produce unhealthy side effects like increased blood pressure and laziness. It also causes cancer in some cases.

HGH injections are quite expensive and can have an annual cost of more than $15,000. Since you need a prescription to legally access these HGH supplements, individuals who want to reverse or slow-down the effects of aging, turn to over-the-counter human growth hormone dietary supplements and oral sprays.

To attract by the potential customers, some dietary supplements known as HGH releasers are marketed as a low-cost alternative to injections. Compared to the injections, the hormone supplements are very safe. There main ingredients are amino acids and vitamins. It simulates the pituitary gland which helps to produce more of HGH. They are called HGH releasers because these supplements are not replacement for hormone itself, but taking them will help the body to produce the more hormones. Since our body takes only the right amount of HGH it needs, there won’t be any side effects caused by the excess of this hormone.

Another disadvantage with the HGH injections is that if you stop taking them, it may increase the process of aging in our body. This is caused by the fact that while we were taking these hormones through external injections, our body has been not in the habit of hormone generation. So if we stop taking the hormone injections suddenly, our body won’t generate it again in the natural way. As a result you can experience more symptoms of aging.

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