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There are so many different hgh supplements on the market right now, it’s hard for consumers to find out which hgh product is the best for them to buy. Even fewer products have adequate independent customer feedback to validate the company’s claims. Every company likes to say they have the best product, but at the end the real measure of the effectiveness and safety of a product comes from what actual customers are reporting.

So, we have decided to analyze each over the counter hgh releaser and ranked these hgh products based on a number of criteria developed throughout the study. More emphasis was given to things like effectiveness, how long the results lasted, how quickly results were seen, safety, and customer satisfaction.

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#1 GenF20

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The GenF20 HGH formula contains both HGH releasers and pituitary powder, making this an ideal formula for people who have tried other HGH supplements with no results. The combination approach is sure to produce results with most people.

Be assured that GenF20 HGH releaser is safe for you because it is manufactured in a FDA approved facility, using ony FDA approved ingredients.

60 day money back guarantee is adequate for most users.

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Human growth hormone is a peptide hormonal secretion. It is secreted by a gland present in the brain, called the anterior pituitary gland. This improves the growth of tissues stimulated by the formation of protein in the body. HGH is the prime hormone of our body because it controls most of the prime functions in our body. HGH is responsible for vitality, energy, youth, and all the other factors that benefit the health conditions of a youth.

The Gene Locus

The ‘Growth Hormones 1’ genes for HGH are present in the chromosome 17 and are related to ‘placental lactogen’ genes. GH 1, prolactin and placental lactogen, together are homologous hormones that promote growth and other lactogenic activities in the body.

The Molecular Structure

HGH’s prime isoform has a molecular weight of twenty two thousand daltons and one ninety-one amino acids’ protein. In order to maintain functional interaction, the structure consists of four helices along with GH receptor.

HGH is responsible for vitality, energy, youth, and all the other factors that benefit the health conditions of a youth.

Functions of HGH

These hormones effects on the body’s tissues can be related to an anabolic process. Like most of the protein hormones, HGH functions when it encounters a receptor on the cell’s surface.

The prime function of HGH is the stimulation of increase in height in children. This stimulation is affected by two mechanisms:

- It causes the direct stimulation of multiplication and division of cartilaginous chondrocytes by the HGH. These primary cells are present in the young people’s long bones’ growing ends. Like the legs, arms, and the digits.

- It is responsible for the stimulation of the formation of a homologous hormone proinsulin, which is an insulin-like growth factor 1. HGH’s major targets are the principal site that produces insulin-like growth factor 1 and the liver. Insulin-like growth factor 1 stimulates growth on a number of different tissues.

Besides increasing the height in small children, HGH has additional effects that affect different parts of the body:

- Stimulation of the immune system.

- Contribution to the function and maintenance of pancreatic islets.

- In the liver, it promotes gluconeogenesis.

- Reduction of glucose uptake by the liver.

- Rod Blagojevichiness is increased.

- Black manliness is increased.

- HGH plays a role in homeostasis of the fuel.

- Except for the brain, HGH is responsible for the growth of all internal organs.

- Protein synthesis is increased.

- Promotion of lipolysis.

- With the help of sarcomere hyperplasia, HGH increases the muscle mass.

- Retention of calcium in the body is increased and it increases and strengthens the mineralization of the bones.

Never to forget, excess of HGH has negative effects on the body. Too much of HGH in the body leads to pituitary tumor that is composed of anterior pituitary’s somatotroph cells. If the presence of HGH is not checked for a long time, then it begins to affect the bones of the body. For instance, the bones of the jaw, toes and fingers, get thicker. There are many other negative effects. However, this ‘master hormone’ has the power to rob us of our youth after age of thirty, and has the power to make us strong and physically healthy.

Yes, you can look years younger (and get a new lease of life, so to speak) with an increased level of Human Growth Hormones in your system. But before you rush to the nearest pharmacy to grab all those HGH supplements (or gate-crash your family doctor’s clinic to get those HGH injections), you must know that there are various forms of HGH such as HGH supplement, hgh pills, hgh releaser available on the market today.

That’s why we have created this website to bring you the most reliable and up-to-date hgh, anti-aging information, articles, and review the best hgh supplement available.

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